Papa Kobina

Hip Hop

Papa-Kobina Brewoo (PBK) was born and raised in Accra, Ghana and moved to Madison, WI in 2001 with his family in hopes for better education and more opportunities to help his family back home. It was in the 8th grade that he found his love for hip-hop upon stumbling across the TV show America’s Best Dance Crew. Inspired by how the dancers expressed themselves through movement and music, he began watching YouTube videos as a start to his journey to becoming a hip-hop dancer. Since then, PKB has appeared on MTV’s Made and signed with DanceOn Network. PKB continues to win countless awards at competitions throughout the Midwest. He feels blessed by all the opportunities he has had and continues to work towards earning his stripes as a dancer.  He co-teaches the Majestic Hip Hop Crew with Sara Rohs.

Papa Kobina is the founder and CEO of the Hitterz Collective whose mission is to provide a positive atmosphere where creative minds at all levels can learn, teach, network, and express themselves freely through artistry while being mindful of cultural history and to support the development and growth of the local art communities. The goal is to offer a platform and resources for educational growth, as well as to expand on the advanced repertoire of Performance, Music and Visual Arts.