February 27, 2014

From the Owner-Kari Fisher

Covid-19 has severely impacted everyone in this country.  Artists have been hit particularly hard.  At Synergy we are doing everything we can to continue to support our artists and other creatives by implementing programming to keep them employed and available for our dancers.

We also recognize the huge impact Covid-19 has had on parents.  And even though our classes will be smaller due to restrictions we will NOT be increasing tuition fees, we will be using costumes we received this year but were unable to be used due to the cancelled recital and we will be not adding any additional costs for our virtual classes and those that will be viewed on Spot TV.   Parents will have a longer grace period to pay tuition should the need arise and we will be implementing a Community Outreach Program to help those in need in our community during such trying times.

From Americans For the Arts:
62% [of artists/creatives] have become fully unemployed and the average financial loss per artist/creative worker is $24,000. Nationally, they expect to lose $50.6 billion in income in 2020. Findings are based on 15,700 survey responses.

95% report income loss
80% experienced a decrease in creative work that generated income (61% “drastic decrease”)
80% do not yet have a post-pandemic recovery plan.
66% are unable to access the supplies, resources, spaces, or people necessary for their work.

AND YET, 76% report their artistic practice has been used to raise morale, create community cohesion, or lighten the COVID-19 experience of the community. In other words, our country NEEDS artists!

Synergy is proud to be a part of the 76%.

“But what EXACTLY are you doing for those involved in the arts? And HOW in the world are you able to continue when so many are not able to?” Glad you asked….

We are organized. We are motivated. We are committed. We have a proven, experienced leadership team that is “fighting for it” because our dancers deserve quality instruction and strong leadership that supports their needs as well as the needs of their instructors and parents. We’ve done this for 8 years. We know what we’re doing and have figured out how to adapt in the unchartered waters of COVID-19. WE GOT THIS!

We kept our instructors employed and paid thanks to quickly applying for and receiving a PPP loan. We continue to pay for planning hours and continuing education opportunities. We have had our IN STUDIO class schedule up for a few weeks, thereby reassuring our instructors and dancers that we are COMMITTED to “Keeping our dancers, dancing” (our new mission).

Our VIRTUAL CLASS schedule will be out August 3rd and will correspond with our area school district’s virtual classes. Fearful your children will not really be doing the “independent learning” scheduled for Wednesdays? No worries! We will be holding In Studio AND Virtual classes starting at 10:00am every Wednesday for ages 3-18! You’re welcome working from home parents. 😊.

We flew in our new instructor, Susanna Daly, from New York to be a part of our Intensive who joined our new lead ballet instructor, Kristen Hammer and the rest of our staff for classes that ran 9:00am to 3:30. The dancers who participated were beyond impressed and didn’t want the week to end.

We feel very strongly that the next generation of dance instructors be given the opportunity to teach and be mentored and trained by experienced instructors. These new instructors have been observing and participating in classes this summer to be prepared for this fall. Of course, they will be closely monitored as they begin their teaching careers. Dézhan Dillard, Damian Keilhauer and Leslie Acosta are our newest alumni instructors who will be teaching for Synergy. Returning alumni instructor, Lilly Crochet
is taking a break from AMDA New York to also join our team.

And coming soon to a living room near you, Caitlyn Moyer, Bryce Moyer, and Carson Andringa all alumni who will be teaching virtually from Los Angeles and Arizona. Christi Andringa will be virtually teaching from Minnesota, yoga and mindfulness along with Alternese Cheray Griffin who will be teaching virtual jazz and jazz funk.

We begin setting team dances next week and are allowing every member to do a solo and/or duet. We will be working with a production company to videotape our team dances should the need to compete virtually occur. Not only will our team members know how to perform onstage but also on camera, two very different skill sets.

Our TRY IT WEEK is scheduled for the end of August and is FREE to all students (we’re giving out free merch that week so watch for information on Synergy’s Facebook and Instagram) which will give dancers the opportunity to explore a variety of dance styles and instructors.

And last, but certainly not least, we are implementing a “Community Outreach” program to serve our dancers and the community. It is a 3-tiered program involving performing, education and direct community support. More on this later as we are still developing ways to safely navigate all of our ideas for in person and virtual support.

Thank you don’t forget to support the artists/creatives in your life. They need you as much as you need them.

Cheers to the many artists of Synergy: